Another case of our government stealing our right to feed ourselves and giving our rights to outside groups that do not have the US peoples best interest in mind.

This bill will kill the American farmer and whats left of our economy. Stop this bill NOW!


The entire argument is irrelevant, until there is a Constitutional amendment giving the Federal Government the power to regulate drugs like the 19th amendment gave them the power to ban booze, whatever the States want to do regarding this issue is up to the States and only the State. The Feds have no authority in this matter and need to keep their hand off of it.

We must take back our freedoms and liberty from the monster that our Federal Government has become.

I will never follow the drug laws or any other laws passed by the feds or send them any more of my tax dollars. They are corrupt and unresponsive to the people and we need to bring them back under our control.

By Michael O’Brien , The Hill – 08/30/10 10:21 AM ET

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said he plans to introduce legislation next year to force an audit of U.S. holdings of gold.

Paul, a longtime critic of the Federal Reserve and U.S. monetary policy, said he believes it’s “a possibility” that there might not actually be any gold in the vaults of Fort Knox or the New York Federal Reserve bank.

The libertarian lawmaker told Kitco News, a website tracking news about precious metals, that an audit was necessary to determine how much the U.S. maintains in gold reserves in case the government were to use gold to back the dollar.

“If there was no question about the gold being there, you think they would be anxious to prove gold is there,” he said.

“Our Federal Reserve admits to nothing, and they should prove all the gold is there. There is a reason to be suspicious and even if you are not suspicious why wouldn’t you have an audit?

“I think it is a possibility,” Paul said when asked if there was truth to rumors that there was actually no gold at Ft. Knox or the New York Fed.

Paul had been one of the Republicans to spearhead a broader audit of the Fed as part of the Wall Street reform bill passed through Congress this year. The provision, which was weakened somewhat in the final version, found Paul joining with a number of Democrats to require the Fed to open its books and outline its assets and liabilities.

The gold reserves, which Paul’s new bill would audit, are generally seen as a guarantee on a nation’s currency, but the U.S. moved the dollar away from being tied to the price of gold in 1972.

Paul stopped short of calling for the reinstitution of the gold standard and instead called for the government to allow the use of hard currency — gold and silver tender — alongside the use of the dollar.

“If people get tired of using the paper standard they can deal in gold or silver,” he said.


One of the worst taxes the State & Federal Gov’t has ever contrived is the Utilities Tax. This tax hit hardest on the poor because these expenses are not optional they are Natural Gas, electric, cable, Internet and phone. You can not today live with out any of these and that is why the Gov’t has it’s paws into it.

These taxes need to be removed, the regulations prohibiting fair trade must be repealed & the people who put these regulations and taxes on us in the first place should be publicly humiliated and sent home never being allowed to hold public office again.

This may sound extreme but so is robbing the American people like these elected officials have done for years and it’s time it comes back to haunt them.


It has become common place for our Gov’t to reach an agreement with the Indian tribes that were native to this country and then when it suits their needs the Gov’t ignores and violates them at will. According to the Constitution signed and ratified treaties are to be followed as the law of the land and honored and backed with the full force of the law.

The Libertarian Party will honor these treaties and respect the intent of these treaties as they were written and when. All disagreement and conflicts with or over theses treaties will be rectified by the existing circumstance’s at the time of ratification (i.e.. Gill nets are allowable for fishing but only in a canoe and not for Salmon. Canoe’s were the type of vessel used and Salmon were not introduced until the end of the 20th century).

This method of settling disagreements will bring a Cain and logical solution to the problem while both honoring the intent of the treaty and the condition present at the time of the treaty’s ratification. Any other solution is not fair or just for the tribes involved and the existing market conditions for other non-tribal citizens. Treaties were written to protect the rights of the tribes involved not give them a competitive advantage in an evolving and changing society.

“The POWERS NOT delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor Prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, OR TO THE PEOPLE!” (* ” Article X ” US Constitution)

Game, Set, Match! What more needs to be said! At least you would think that said it all. Yet, the Federal Gov’t grows & grows, performing more and more the programs and services that constitutionally belong in the hands of the individual States or the privet sector.

The Democrats are honest to the fact that they are for bigger Gov’t. While the Republicans also keep their promise of less Gov’t (“only slightly less than the Democrats”). Is it not a shame that this is the only promise they have ever kept? Neither party offers to give you a smaller Gov’t, that would mean less power and less control over your life. The Constitution set the limits for the Federal Gov’t and the Supreme Court is charged to uphold and defend the Constitution. That is where the problem begins.

When both parties pack the benches of the Supreme Court with judges that would rather follow their interpretation of the Constitution as a living, breathing document. When they should follow the clearly published intent of the Constitution’s authors and the founders of this Country. The Supreme Court has a couple of constitutionalist Justices who tend to be in decent on most decisions, while the rest of the court follows a personal agenda and ignores the Constitution unless it supports their cause or party.

Our founders published their thought and intent in hundreds of papers, articles, Documents and debates, including the Federalist/Anti-Federalist Papers. If you wish to get an insight to what was intended in the Constitution this is required reading. You will see that Thomas Jefferson and others warned us of what would happen if we let our Gov’t buy our votes with programs & services. We would become dependent on them to feed us and give us shelter like a nursing mother. We would continually give up more of our freedoms for the current definition of the “public good” or the “publics best interest” and wind up becoming what it was that our founders ran away from to begin with.

Remember the words of JFK “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. That spirit of pride and honor comes from a Gov’t that you can trust and control not fear. The Federal Gov’t was established to support and defend the State with no controlling legal authority over the people. The States were to retain controlling authority over it’s citizens and provide the services and regulations those citizens live by. Citizens then have the freedom to move to the state that gives them the level of services they want and the laws they prefer to live under or the choice to try and change them.


The way pay raises are handled is a real source of criticism and distrust. In any other business, if the employee’s could vote their own pay raises the employees would be rich and the company would be bankrupt (sound familiar.).

Instead of the recommendation coming down to the Congress and automatically going into effect if not voted down. What we need to do is require the house and Senate to vote on the amount and terms that are in question and then have it placed on the ballot for a general election. After it is excepted it will only be applied and go into effect once each seat has gone up for reelection. This would allow us to hold each office holder accountable before they are eligible for that raise and make our incumbent legislators honest and accountable to us the owners and tax payers of this Country.


Any issue no matter how big or how small, it has it’s roots in a local issue or problem. Even at a national level it really only effects people and people live locally.No gov’t program will help every community,each community must solve the problem themselves or it will not be effective.

When ever any issue is taken up by the State or Federal Gov’t the solution becomes less about solving the problem and more about pandering to the current special interest if choice. The “Bigger Solution” not only will but has caused more problems and cost far more and never begins to touch the problem or resemble the intended goal.

When ever possible the Libertarian Party will push for a local solution to a local problem, in some cases we will even push for a state solution to a Statewide problem. We will however, at no time look for a Federal Solution to a National problem when the problem lies outside the Constitutional authority of the Gov’t to fix. This will always save money and will only render a solution to an area effected by the problem attempting to be solved. Preventing Holland from being forced to live under a solution to a Detroit problem & Michigan from being forced to live under a solution to a California problem. Most of all it keep all of us from being forced to live with the Federal TAX PROBLEM!!!!!



This time you had better duck. The Supreme Court hits another one into the rough. They teed up a ball they had no Constitutional authority to bring into play and then hooked it wide to the left and into the croud.

To finnish off this zainy spring of 2001 the Court felt inclined to ignor the Constitution and magicaly create the right out of thin air to deside and rewrite the rules in which a privet organization can control it’s own membership and it’s rules of opporation. When I take into consideration the unqustionable expertice and reflect on their distinquished proffessional golf careers I can understand where they draw their authority to rule on such matters and why they screwed it up so completely.

You know how it is nothing important (relivent to the Constitution)to do and all this feel-good Jurisprudence bubbling over with compassion just looking for some thing to over turn in the name of being “FAIR” to show us how relivent, important and full of wisdom they are. “Well they are full of several things, but relivence, importance and wisdom did not make the list.”

The same Supreme Court that said the Boy Scouts could control the rules of inclusion and operations only months earlier

The fuel tax is repressive in that it is passed down to the retail cost of everything you and I buy. These taxes and the regulations that make it so expensive to make different types of fuels for each region of the country need to be removed. All of the Gov’t regulations is why the gas you use in your car and the Natural Gas you burn at home is priced so high. By the Gov’t getting out of the mining and drilling control business the supply would increase and it would be produced by Americans not from OPEC

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