Through the coarse of time new causes and ideas spring forth and then in time die off. Our founding fathers realized this and created a system of self gov’t that was just but not perfect. To make up for mans folly and need to follow a leader they also created a document that was the law and would help secure the Basic right of the individual, the rights they had won in throwing off their oppressors, the rights they knew we would need to through off oppressors in the future.

The right to speak and express ourselves freely.

The right to defend your self and be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

The freedom to associate with whom ever we chose.

The right to be secure in your PERSON, PAPERS, PROPERTY & POSSESSIONS.

The right not to incriminate yourself.

The right to travel freely within the Nations borders.


Even with these rights secured we as citizens need to be ever vigilant of those with good intent or bad, who would intend to eliminate any or all of you rights or attempt to vanquish your freedoms in the name or cause of public good, public safely or current whim of the powerful special interests. We must always be on guard and ready, when we are unable to do so ourselves we need to rely on others who are like minded compassionate individuals who understand that they can not truly have real freedom until the share it with all others.

This is the mission of the Libertarian Party of Ottawa County, of the State of Michigan and the National Party as well. To secure and preserve everyone freedoms, while others enjoy the rewards of those freedoms. We are working to keep all American free and America the beacon of freedom shining through out the world. We ask that you support us in our cause with your heart, with your time or with your wallet. This is a small price to secure personal freedom for our life time and into our children’s.

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