This time you had better duck. The Supreme Court hits another one into the rough. They teed up a ball they had no Constitutional authority to bring into play and then hooked it wide to the left and into the croud.

To finnish off this zainy spring of 2001 the Court felt inclined to ignor the Constitution and magicaly create the right out of thin air to deside and rewrite the rules in which a privet organization can control it’s own membership and it’s rules of opporation. When I take into consideration the unqustionable expertice and reflect on their distinquished proffessional golf careers I can understand where they draw their authority to rule on such matters and why they screwed it up so completely.

You know how it is nothing important (relivent to the Constitution)to do and all this feel-good Jurisprudence bubbling over with compassion just looking for some thing to over turn in the name of being “FAIR” to show us how relivent, important and full of wisdom they are. “Well they are full of several things, but relivence, importance and wisdom did not make the list.”

The same Supreme Court that said the Boy Scouts could control the rules of inclusion and operations only months earlier

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