Excuse me sir, could I get you to sign this petition to place us on the State ballot in 2002? This is the sound heard around the Nation this spring & summer, Michigan included. You see, the 2 major parties in their quest to maintain power, have created a gauntlet that all third parties must run in order to field their candidates while they are automatically included. In some cases the third party has received more votes than one of the 2 major party candidates, but were still given automatic inclusion. This is discrimination and must be corrected.

The Libertarian Party needs your help being allowed on the ballot and included in debates. We have ran almost as many candidates as each of the 2 majors and have elected hundreds of our members to nonpartisan races but have been treated like the plague as soon as we use the “L” where they use the “R” & “D” in State & National elections. We need you to speak out and contact your Congress Person and let them know that it is not fair to disallow competition, unless they are scarred to have any real competition.

It still comes down to the fact that unless you the voter and constituent speak out and let them know you are concerned with this situation, then start voting for what you want instead of voting for the lessor of two evils, it will not matter. If you are happy with high taxes, loss of privacy, and big Gov’t taking away your freedom, You are getting your way,. However, if that is not what you want from your Gov’t, you need to support an equal ballot access law that requires equal treatment to all Parties. Giving Libertarians the access that the republicans have or forcing them to fill out and submit the same petitions that we do.

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