he powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

In the beginning this is how it read and how it worked, as time went on this is still how it reads but is no longer how it works. The Federal Gov’t violates the Constitution every day and the Supreme court does nothing to stop it. You could wonder why, but the answer is simple, The Supreme Court has been packed with people who were chosen not for their knowledge of the Constitution but their belief in the agenda of the administration that nominated them and the Congress that ratified that nomination.

Ever since the Civil War the states have lost their rights slowly to the ever growing Federal Gov’t and shows no sign of reversing itself in the near future. The Federal Gov’t was established to govern over the states not over the citizens of the states. The states were to have the power over the citizens who reside in that state. Upon the ratification of the XVII amendment causing the election of the Senate by the people the states, the states have lost the controlling interest built into the Constitution. When the states were to appoint the Senators the Senate was beholden to the state from whence the Senators were chosen. This was the method chosen to retain the power of the state over the Federal Gov’t. But in placing them under the system of election of other Federal offices they became beholden to the peoples desire and to the power of their own self interest and reelection. This cost the states the balance of power that kept the Federal Gov’t in check and under control and this amendment should be repealed and withdrawn for the sake of states rights and state sovereignty. However because of the nature of power, those who have perpetuated the abuse of the Federal power and removed or reduced the states autonomy and independence will never give up the Federal power acquired through this amendment. They must be forced back under control by the power of the people to elect leaders that not only understand the Constitution, but hold the intent of the Constitution sacred and appreciate the freedom and independence generated by the act of state autonomy and the issue of states rights.

For more information on this issue read the Federalist & Anti-Federalist Papers.


Through the coarse of time new causes and ideas spring forth and then in time die off. Our founding fathers realized this and created a system of self gov’t that was just but not perfect. To make up for mans folly and need to follow a leader they also created a document that was the law and would help secure the Basic right of the individual, the rights they had won in throwing off their oppressors, the rights they knew we would need to through off oppressors in the future.

The right to speak and express ourselves freely.

The right to defend your self and be treated as innocent until proven guilty.

The freedom to associate with whom ever we chose.

The right to be secure in your PERSON, PAPERS, PROPERTY & POSSESSIONS.

The right not to incriminate yourself.

The right to travel freely within the Nations borders.


Even with these rights secured we as citizens need to be ever vigilant of those with good intent or bad, who would intend to eliminate any or all of you rights or attempt to vanquish your freedoms in the name or cause of public good, public safely or current whim of the powerful special interests. We must always be on guard and ready, when we are unable to do so ourselves we need to rely on others who are like minded compassionate individuals who understand that they can not truly have real freedom until the share it with all others.

This is the mission of the Libertarian Party of Ottawa County, of the State of Michigan and the National Party as well. To secure and preserve everyone freedoms, while others enjoy the rewards of those freedoms. We are working to keep all American free and America the beacon of freedom shining through out the world. We ask that you support us in our cause with your heart, with your time or with your wallet. This is a small price to secure personal freedom for our life time and into our children’s.


” Get out of the car please! “

” Place your hands on the roof and spread your feet! “

” Give me your right hand! Now your left hand please! “

On go the hand cuffs and you are under arrest! Are you guilty of robbery, rape or murder? NO! Was it drugs, spousal abuse or fraud? NO!

” Ma’am you are under arrest for failure to wear your safety belt.” ” You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against yo in the court of law. You have the right to an…………”

Hard to believe, yes but in the spring of 2001 the United States Supreme Court ruled that any officer of the law can and may use any means they see fit to up hold the law that they claim we have violated. The key word is claim, because until found guilty in a court of law that’s all it is, a claim. A law enforcement officer can not find a person guilty and I have committed no crime only violated a statute, there for he can not bring you to jail.

Let me explain, laws are broken down into two types of law, criminal and statutory. Criminal law requires the violation of a person, papers, property or possessions, one must suffer loss or injury or threat there of or there has been no crime.

Statutory law is when any level of Gov’t passes a law to try to control your habit, hobbies and behaviors. These events are all victimless and their occurrence can be subject to interpretation and are often a matter of opinion. At no time should any citizen of this country should ever be subject to arrest or incarceration for the violation of any statutory laws. The only power law enforcement should have concerning statutory law is the issuance of a citation to appear. The matter going before a judge, who will rule on the matter and set down the punishment and costs or fines. Then and only then should you be subject to arrest and incarceration, not before. Never should that power be given to law enforcement because the Constitution guaranties that you are innocent until proven guilty.

The Supreme Court is wrong on this issue and I am confident this is not the only time this year the Supreme Court has used Al Gores book “Earth in the balance” instead of the “Constitution” when making their rulings. They have continually misinterpreted the law of the land and ruled from their heart and emotions not from the Constitution.

Join us in fighting these over reaching regulations and court rulings that are continually destroying our liberty and trampling our freedoms. You may not be ready to vote for use at every level, but if you work with us to restore our liberty and regain our freedoms, the issues will be carried to fruition by the current office holders and we can move on to other topics. It is up to you and it’s up to me and I am already here. I hope to see you soon!


Excuse me sir, could I get you to sign this petition to place us on the State ballot in 2002? This is the sound heard around the Nation this spring & summer, Michigan included. You see, the 2 major parties in their quest to maintain power, have created a gauntlet that all third parties must run in order to field their candidates while they are automatically included. In some cases the third party has received more votes than one of the 2 major party candidates, but were still given automatic inclusion. This is discrimination and must be corrected.

The Libertarian Party needs your help being allowed on the ballot and included in debates. We have ran almost as many candidates as each of the 2 majors and have elected hundreds of our members to nonpartisan races but have been treated like the plague as soon as we use the “L” where they use the “R” & “D” in State & National elections. We need you to speak out and contact your Congress Person and let them know that it is not fair to disallow competition, unless they are scarred to have any real competition.

It still comes down to the fact that unless you the voter and constituent speak out and let them know you are concerned with this situation, then start voting for what you want instead of voting for the lessor of two evils, it will not matter. If you are happy with high taxes, loss of privacy, and big Gov’t taking away your freedom, You are getting your way,. However, if that is not what you want from your Gov’t, you need to support an equal ballot access law that requires equal treatment to all Parties. Giving Libertarians the access that the republicans have or forcing them to fill out and submit the same petitions that we do.


THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE. Its Coke vs Pepsi McD or BK no difference it is all bad for you.

EXAMPLE: Dems = Lead Reps = Steel

Lead is far more toxic than steel correct.

Now when you ch…ose between a lead bullet or a steel bullet and put the gun in your mouth does it matter what one is more toxic? NO they will both kill you!

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