There comes a time in the course of human events that those who love liberty and aspire to be free must rise up and put their liberty and their freedom on the line to secure these rights for those who are unable or unwilling to rise up for themselves.
The dollar is nearly worthless, the economy has faltered and those who we have elected have not just turned their backs on us but are actually working to our detriment. They have poisoned our water supply, contaminated the food chain with toxins and genetically modified seeds. They have destroyed our once great educational system and turned us against each other dividing us by race, social status, sports teams, political parties, religion and geographic location. They distract us with mass media while they build prison camps to detain those of us who will not follow them and their plan.
Thomas Jefferson foretold that this would happen and gave us this advice “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” The problem is that the current regime in power is not one we have elected but one we have allowed to usurp this nations halls of power and placed in it the persons who best support this nations demise.
They are prepared for an uprising and are doing all they can to see that it arrives. The goal is to give the government a reason to reduce the population both in the United States and the rest of the world.
Jefferson also stated “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” and the government has distracted us and harassed us so that silence is kept. Those of us who break the silence are ridiculed and our characters assassinated to instill in others the desire to not protest what they see and know to be wrong.
Our government is corrupt, our founding principles no longer relevant, the Constitution is no longer the rule of the land but taught to our children in college to be an old, irrelevant and outdated remnant from a time long past. The Dollar is printed at will by a private group of bankers who have no oversight under the government or the people and it is time for the revolution to begin
Jefferson said “Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism.” However we still have some recourse other than a violent assault on the government. In the book “Atlas Shrugged” one character brought the system down without firing a shot or taking a single life. He just informed the people of the mind, those who invent and create, that they have the power to bring the system to its knees by doing just one thing. Close down your shop, your factory or your research and leave the country.
John Galt brought the country to its collapse one person at a time. Don’t rise up to fight only to be killed and your family tortured and harassed. Pack up your wealth, your creativity and your loved ones and just get the hell out. If enough people of means and resourcefulness pack up and leave the system will have no one they can loot or manipulate. If you just leave they will not be able to use your wealth or creativity to harm others or you.
If you choose to stay and fight, I wish you luck. But understand, they are waiting and wanting you to do just that so they have justification to call for martial law and round up all who disagree. Get out now before they close the door and leave you and your family trapped in a war zone. Invest in Central and Southern America and we can help. WhosJohnGalt.Net will help you find your Galt’s Gulch and set you up with the contacts and investments you will need to keep your family and your family’s wealth safe from these looters and privateers looking to control the world’s resources.