Silver at $500? Yes! As more and more people buy gold and silver the price will go up. You must take delivery of that gold and silver, not just buy silver stocks or derivatives, TAKE DELIVERY and place in a safe deposit box under your account at the credit union or small bank you trust.

There is reports and confirmations that the central banks have shorted gold and silver and would go broke having to buy back the gold and silver on the open market for the delivery of the silver you already purchased at the cheaper price. If this gets big enough buy you just buying 1 or 2 silver one ounce coins and taking delivery. If you have a few hundred dollars buy silver bars along with silver coins. If you want to teach these banks a lesson and you have a few thousand dollars or tens of thousands of Dollars then go buy dozens of silver bars.


The move is to begin to base a new dollar or other currency on gold and silver. People buy and hoard gold but silver is used for medical, electrical, communications and many aerospace applications. Holding silver is at this moment in time the best investment opportunity on the planet. If they get hit with enough orders for delivery they will freeze the price at some wildly overinflated panic based price and say all currencies worldwide are based at that price.

If you would buy silver right now at $25 to $30 an ounce and have $1000 to invest with, you would get around 40 ounces. If the price rises to the $500 an ounce 40 ounces becomes worth $20,000. A $10,000 investment in silver (Taking Delivery) would be worth $200,000.

Do your part in tossing off the bankers attempted yoke of financial tyranny on the people of the Untited States and the world.