I was born in 1963 and adopted at birth by Jerry and Alma Bouwman. My father set an example of hard work and ownership of your income as the plant manager and co-owner of Heath Manufacturing in Coopersville.

I was an average student but excelled in sports as I grew older making the All Area, G R Press and 2nd team all state in football, playing drums in the High School Jazz/Pep band. My senior year I took an opportunity to travel to Europe getting to visit Germany during the Russian occupation. Graduating. Seeing communism first hand I learned the evils of socialism and its policies and cementing my extreme pro capitalist views. I graduated High school in 1982.

After High school I attended Hope College in Holland where as a freshman I made the travel squad and by the end of the season made the starting line up. While at Hope I studied Business and economics.

After college I acquired my builders license and eventually moved into office interiors where I became certified in all major brands of office systems furniture and started traveling the United States for my job. I worked in that industry for approximately 15 years until an opportunity to work installing and programming conveyors and other manufacturing automation.

After the tragedy of 911, that work up and vanished so I had to look for other employment. As luck would have it, as I drove down Lake Michigan drive I passed an office where a friend of mine was outside on a smoking break so I stopped in to say hello and before I left, Kramer International had hired me as one of their contractors.

In 2008 seeing the potential tyranny we were heading for I moved to the jungles of Costa Rica where I spent my first year living in my tent and building homes outside a small town of 500 called Bijagual. In my second year in Costa Rica, I moved down to the coast and began a business doing web design for the local tour companies and raising and selling coconut palms to contractors and developers.

In 2011 my mother back here in Michigan fell and broke her hip, so I moved back home to care for her and returned to Kramer where I still am today.

Between 2009 and today I have written and published 2 books of fiction, “The 44 – Operation Trojan Camel” and :99 Days – The Red Cab Conspiracy” I have co written a movie script and joint published a medical marijuana cookbook with my oldest son called “The Medical Menu”. I am currently writing both a prequel and sequel to my book “99 Days” called “Seventeen 77” & “88 Weeks” to be published this year.

That brings us to today and the election of 2018 and the problems that we here in Michigan have, that make us unique. With municipalities either unable to deliver clean, safe drinking water to our communities or the intentional toxification of our water by adding Fluoride (Hydrofluosilicic acid) to protect teeth, which it does not do.(practicing medicine without a license) They also add bromine/bromide and and other harmful halogens, Michigan needs rethink our approach to serving the people.

We also have the P-phos poisons in the ground water, contaminating local wells and the issue of Nestle pumping our millions of gallons of our water without reasonable compensation to the state. Money that could be used to offset the costs of the previously mentioned water issues.

In my line of work I have traveled the entire United States and beyond a shadow of a doubt Michigan has some of the worst roads in this country and the rest of our infrastructure is not far behind. I feel we have also dropped the ball on the Medical/Recreational marijuana laws. Turning what could be a massive windfall into a huge budget expense. Regulating morality for the sake of regulating morality should never be the job of a Government of, for and by the people, that is the domain of tyrants.

As the people of Colorado have found, the taxation from the sale of recreational Marijuana was a huge source of income to the state. As such I have put forward the POT 4 POTHOLES plan to take the revenues generated by the manufacture and sale of recreational marijuana and use it to repair, replace and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

I believe in the 21st century we need to drastically rethink how government works, or should I say does not work. That is why I have put forward my Taxation is Theft programs helping to restructure the way we finance and fund Govt programs allowing the citizens of Michigan to keep more of the money they have earned. With the CAFR & Trust-Fund Financing Program we will establish Funds that will finance Govt programs using only the interest generated off thats funds investments and not from yearly tax revenues, allowing the long term reduction and even elimination of state personal and business income taxes.

With the Homestead Act, home owners who chose to be debt free will no longer have to be subjected to property taxes once their mortgages are paid off. With the Zero Business Tax Act, all Michigan Headquartered companies whose offices and manufacturing facilities are based in the State of Michigan only will be exempt from all corporate income or alternative minimum taxes. With the Residents Sales Tax Reduction act, all long term Michigan residents will qualify for a 50% reduction of sales taxes for any in Michigan Purchases of $1000 or more.

I even have a way to offer Free in state undergrad tuition to all Michigan residents who maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, without the state picking up the tab for its costs. This program will require both public and private schools who accept Federal student loans or other Govt financing to participate. Students will still be responsible for room and board as well as books and other supplies but their tuition will be covered.

After the hoops and regulations I needed to jump through just to open a simple hotdog cart, I realized Michigan needs to simplify the Business start up procedures so everyone can easily start a new business and not be tempted to leave the state to start that business. Too many rules and regulation are put in place apparently just because the state or county can and not because they are needed. This must stop and I will work tirelessly to see that its done.

As you can see, I am a strong proponent of the Govt doing with less and not with the people giving more, while still maintaining the responsibilities we in State Govt have to provide a better life for our residents. I understand that as a State House Representative I am just one of about a hundred people and will have an up hill fight to get my platform enacted. I know there will be many who enjoy the status-quot and will fight the change that Michigan needs by playing politics or by using the politics of personal destruction, but Govt needs to be reformed. President Trump has begun changing the way the Federal Govt does business and Michigan needs to be the tip of the spear for the change that is needed at the State level.

California has always been the trend setter for the United States but socialism and moral depravity is no way to lead a nation to anywhere we the people want to go. It is Michigan’s time to be the trend setter and your vote for me can be the Genesis for that change. But it is up to you to get registered and get out to vote.

If you want Freedom, Liberty and financial responsibility to be what Michigan is known for, just say ROGER-THAT and Elect Roger L Bouwman State Rep in the 74th District and we can Make Michigan Great Again.

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