Pot 4 Potholes

All sales of MJ qualify for regular 8% sales taxes.

10%-15% MJ Tax for all recreational MJ sold retail

The Medical MJ laws stay the same but MMJ card holders do not pay the recreational use tax but still pay sales tax when buying from a dispensary. They pay no sales or other taxes when they purchase directly from their caregiver.

All edibles must be purchased via the retail dispensaries not directly from caregivers and are subject to all local and state Health Dept rules and regulations. MMJ card holders are exempt from the Recreational use Tax but must still pay the 8% sales tax.

Caregivers can sell overages to any dispensary at a wholesale price.

Non-caregivers can purchase one of 3 commercial grow licenses.

  • Personal Use $300 a year. Can possess up to 10 flowering plants & 20 non flowering plants. Can not resell.
  • Commercial Permit $1500 a year. Can possess 100 flowering plants & 200 non-flowering plants. Can sell to dispensaries at wholesale but may not sell retail.
  • Industrial Permit $10,000 a year. No limits on numbers of plantes, flowering or otherwise. Can sell wholesale but may not sell retail
  • Dispensary Permits. $1000 one time set up fee and .01% of annual retail sales and 0.0% of MMJ card sales.
  • Edible Manufacturing permit. $1000 one time set up fee and subject to normal business income taxes.

All funds collected under the P4P act must be spent to build or replace common infrastructure (Highways, bridges, hardened Power grid, drinking water & sewage systems, etc.).

P4P Funds must be matched with other state or Fed funds $4 to every $1 of Govt funds on Highways and bridges, and $2 to every $1 for all other infrastructure projects